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Slice of Life 2013: The Value of Education

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 Slice of Life

I’m participating in the Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by Stacey Shubitz and Ruth Ayres at Two Writing Teachers.

News Flash: Things are looking quite dismal for schools, students, and teachers in general. For a while now, with all of the attacks on education, teachers have been told to” keep the faith” “focus on the kids”, and “remember why you’re there”. In other words, don’t let it get to you, while all the time our elected officials have been systematically destroying our public schools with their policies and agendas. In North Carolina, the cuts have been brutal and they have only just begun to wreak the havoc they are hell-bent on doing. They seem to have a “starve the beast” agenda, i.e. starve schools, teachers, and ultimately students of the money and support they need to function well.

This is only one symptom of a society that has veered dangerously off course, where education was once valued and respected. This article is just another example of how skewed our thinking has become. What is the value of a college education? Is it simply to prepare you for a job? Are you merely learning “skills”? Is it that the cost of higher education has become so unreasonable that we can no longer justify education for education’s sake? Will our colleges turn out nothing but engineering, business, and computer science majors?

At my daughter’s recent college graduation, there were less than 30 English majors in a graduating class of 7,500. At my own (30 years ago), there were probably hundreds.

Today there was another post on our local television station’s webpage about teachers. Our state superintendent warns about the effects of the draconian policies of the current administration. Again, the comments from our community were quite disheartening and downright infuriating.

Where are the PARENTS in this community? Are they really so oblivious that they don’t realize that these cuts are hurting their kids? Do they care so little? I am amazed that more parents are not out protesting and demanding more for NC’s students. Sadly, there are very few. Do parents really believe that these cuts won’t impact them and their children? Or are they so busy trying to make a living that they don’t realize that their kids are being shortchanged?

For those of us who still care, it is time for us to make our voices heard.

Our future depends upon it.

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