Slice of Life 2013

Slice of Life 2013 Day 29: Time to Dream Again

on March 29, 2013

Slice of Life
I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge, hosted by Stacey Shubitz and Ruth Ayres at Two Writing Teachers.
I had the day off today as my Spring Break has officially started. After all too many days of cold temperatures and dreary weather, the sun finally came out here in North Carolina. We are still not seeing normal temps but it was warm enough to sit outside in the sun. First time in a long time.

To add to that sweetness, one of my closest and dearest friends came over so we could catch up and enjoy the freedom of a day off.

We sat out on my back deck and soaked up the sun and just talked and shared what was on our hearts today.

We talked a lot about dreams and how important it is to keep dreaming, especially as we get older. We talked about how this stage of our lives has left us puzzled, not sure what to do next, what’s left for us.

Can we still have our own dreams at this stage of life and if we can, what would they look like?

In the last few years I have had a few of my dreams die. This is never easy and it can be difficult to bounce back from these losses. My desire to dream was dampened by my fear of more loss.

From our discussions today, I realized that when my children still lived at home, it wasn’t as important to have fresh hopes and dreams for myself as it was easy to live vicariously through theirs. When you have young people around you, it is easy to get swept up in all of the “firsts” that they experience, and not notice that you aren’t having as many in your own life.

After your children leave the nest, your steady diet of new and exciting experiences dries up. If you aren’t doing new things and taking risks yourself, your life is probably predictably stable and relatively unchanging (translated: “safe”).

What am I trying to say? I think I am beginning to see how important it is for me to shake things up a bit…take some risks…upset the apple cart…if I am going to truly live and dream again.

I do not want my life to be defined by my losses.

It’s time to dream again.


3 responses to “Slice of Life 2013 Day 29: Time to Dream Again

  1. With my oldest in college and my youngest about to enter high school, I am almost at the stage you described so eloquently. Luckily, I graduated with a new degree in hand just as the firstborn was graduating from high school, so I am trying to find a new career position now. Hoping it takes me through those empty nest moments in a few years! I hope you dream some new fabulous dreams for yourself.

  2. neenslewy says:

    it certainly is, a time to dream & adventure – step into the next chapter of your life!

  3. I like your question – Can we still have dreams at this stage of our lives and if we can, what would they look like? I think it’s a good question, because I’m not sure that dreams at this stage of our lives will look the same as our earlier dreams. Whatever your dreams may be, I hope you find the chase enlightening and fulfilling.

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