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Slice of Life March 8, 2013: Off to the Zoo!

on March 8, 2013

Today we are venturing out to the NC Zoo in Asheboro for an all-day field trip. I love a good field trip! I am looking forward to seeing the zoo through the eyes of my students, many of whom have never been to a zoo. They are so excited and I know the energy level will be through the roof, but I am ready.

I guess the best part of the field trip experience for me (regardless of where we go) is having a chance to interact with my students in a completely different setting, free to just chat and enjoy each other without an agenda. Teachers used to be able to do this with students much more easily in the past, before the pressures of testing and stringent pacing guides were forced upon us. With almost 130 students on my team, it is often difficult to really get to know each and every one of my students on a personal level, though I do try. This is especially true of the shy, quiet types. They sit patiently in class and come and go every day, and even at this point in the year I am embarrassed to admit that I know little more about them then I did in August. Field trips give us an opportunity to change that.

Looking forward to making new discoveries today.


6 responses to “Slice of Life March 8, 2013: Off to the Zoo!

  1. djtsmith says:

    Enjoy this day. These are the kind of things that really help you to get to know your students, too. I loved field trips with the kids, so I could interact in a different way that allowed time to observe and talk about different things to get some insight.

  2. Cathy says:

    Small world! I just visited the Asheboro, NC zoo last spring when I went to visit my daughter. She just started teaching in the area. Since we’re from Ohio, she’s constantly reminding me of how much warmer and sunnier it is in Asheboro. I loved their zoo. We have an amazing zoo here in Columbus so I have high expectations. I wasn’t disappointed.

    I hope you had a great day at the zoo. I agree. It is nice to have a day to interact with students in a less formal atmosphere.


    • gstevens1021 says:

      Small world, indeed!

      Yes, our weather here is usually quite moderate. Today was cool (50’s) but the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. True “Carolina blue” skies!

      We had a wonderful day and made some great memories.

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Zoo today, Gail! I completely agree that the best thing about field trips is the opportunity to interact with students in a different setting, and therefore in a different way. Glad to see you’re slicing, too! I look forward to reading more of your posts this month.

    • gstevens1021 says:

      Thanks, Rhonda!

      We had an amazing time at the zoo yesterday. For many of my students it was their first time to visit a zoo. I could hardly believe that some of them had never been before. We were especially excited to see some of the “babies” that had been born in the past few months. Baby gorillas are so cute!

      And yes, I am attempting to “slice” my way through March. Got a late start and am new at working with WordPress and have encountered a number of problems posting/commenting. Have learned the hard way to always write my posts as a Word doc first and then copy and paste on to the blog…!

      Have so enjoyed reading the #slice2013 posts so far. Amazing writers!

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